Wheels on a train, bus, go round and round … all day long


From Mar 2015, we will be leaving homely Singapore to embark on a travel journey together. It will be the kind of trip we dream about and we will be bringing our young children along. Both of us love the great outdoors and have made extended overseas trips while we were single and younger. It seem natural that being parents now, we could pass this passion on to our children.

Initially, the plan was to visit Nepal for a month or so to retrace our paths and meet up with our Nepalese friends. Then an opportunity came and we decided to take a longer break from our career. Ideas rolled on. 3 months for Nepal, Darjeeling, Sikkim, Bhutan and Tibet. How about a cycling trip in Central Asia?! Shortly after some moment, one of us borrowed a Trans-Siberian Railway from the library. . . and bingo! More destinations were named and our route map puzzle was pieced together. Eventually, we gave ourselves a travel period of 6 – 8 months.

We began to look into documenting our travel and ways of connecting with friends and loved ones while we are on the road. Another round of brainstorming was done to decide on a theme, a title for this expedition. After some rounds, we turned to YiKen and he said spontaneously, ” 大手拉小手, Big Hands hold Small Hands”. Hence, the name of our journey was born. It’s an alteration to a children song that we enjoyed singing often while walking to his childcare center. Now you can follow us with the following:

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Maybe it’s for the kids: YiXi 怡熙 & YiKen 义恳

She is cheerful, strong-willed, active and very vocal. Never fail to show us the lighter side of life with her funny ‘hands stretched jumping’ dance. Always ready to repeat every word her brother shouts, learn his dance moves and sing along. Eager to connect with strangers, handle her food herself and loves WATER!

He is gentle, independent, cautious, yet action-packed. Ever set to sing but especially dance. Likes to draw (and colour), read and enjoys looking at maps. Natural protector of his sister and always her loud discipline master. Loves lego, trains, and of course, water play!

“… The formative years from birth to age eight (particularly in the 0-2 year age group) play a vital role in the formation of intelligence, personality and social behaviour.” quoted from unicef.

Maybe it’s for the adults.: DunLin 敦琳 & Sean 永旋

“life’s short…make it sweet…”

Family photo: DunLin, YiXi, Sean and YiKen

Family photo: DunLin, YiXi, Sean and YiKen