South Korea ~ 6 March to 9 April 2015

We had changed our routes many times and finally, we decided to make Korea our first stop. There were a few reasons why we made Korea our first stop.One of the reasons was that I have a Korean friend, Park Jin Wan (aka Fat Boy) whom i met in Nepal during white water rafting in Trisuli River 10 years ago. He was available in March 2015 and he could bring us for sight seeing in Korea in his car. Another reason was that we can take a ferry to Vladisvostok, Russia from Dong Hae Port in Korea.The other reason was the climate, we thought that it was the end of winter and Korea should not be so cold but we were wrong.

We managed to book cheap one way tickets to Seoul via Scoot airline in January 2015. As Yixi is less than 2 years old when we depart, she just had to pay minimum fare. So it cost SGD 1068 for four of us to fly from Singapore to Seoul. The air ticket included in flight meals and 20 kg of luggage for each passenger, which also meant we can bring 60 kg of luggage.


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