Can’t believe it! We meet again! @ Rapla, Estonia

Do you know the feeling of uncertainty? Not a big one as “what is life”?, but a smaller, still with hope and somewhat afraid as “will she be there?”

The fast and smooth, and new train arrived at Rapla station on schedule. We alighted, a little tired since the short one hour ride wasn’t sufficient for a good nap. I asked a guy sitting outside the station for direction to a guesthouse, Joe, 2km away. “Ah, the bus just left 5 mins ago”. He was helpful and tried asking his friend if he could come to pick us, as the next bus will only come an hour later. Well, maybe we have to walk, and so we did. With all our backpacks and the kids, we walked but very soon, we felt that we could try to hitch a ride. Our guesthouse is straight down the road. We raised our thumbs. Many drivers gave a  glance and passed us. We walked on. We crossed a side road. A twincab pickup was approaching to turn to the main road. We looked at the driver, a bald gentleman, as he stopped his vehicle and waved us in. Smiling ear to ear, we quickly load up. Next min, we reached Joe’s. Tänan!
After we checked in to this nice and cosy guesthouse, the owner gave us a pin to stick on the world map on the wall. Red dot Singapore!
It was a great day, the blue sky greeted us while the dark cloud was not far away. It was 6pm yet the day was bright as if 2pm back home. We walked along a small river and the children were thrilled to see many ducks swimming along. As we stopped to watch, the ducks began to swam and walked up the bank towards us. Yiken moved closer. The ducks moved closer, but soon waddled away when they realised that we have no food to spare. We strolled along, passing Rapla church. Our plan was to find house number10 on Loo street. Oh, there it was. The familiar yellow walls. No fence, no front gate. “Click”, photo of Sean in front of door. “Knock knock”…. “Knock knock”…….. Probably Eha is at work. “Knock knock”…. Tunling walked closer to the window. Yiken went to knock again. We walked to the back. What’s nice garden! Someone must still live here. Ok, let’s go to the supermarket and come back later. She will come back right? Maybe we would meet there. Hmmm…
There was a supermarket, Selver, just one street away. We walked around while Sean kept looking around. “What if we met? What if….”  No familiar faces. Sigh…  It was passed 8pm.
There’s a car in front now. Yes, smoke coming from the chimney. We walked to the front door. Sound like someone’s using the sewing machine.  “Knock knock”….. We waited….. “boom”, a door closed and  another opened. A surprised look on her face. “Er…., we’re looking for Eha.”, Sean spoke cautiously. “I’m Eha.” OMG… Almost 11 years have passed. There she was!
“Do you still remember 2 cyclists you’ve sheltered?”
“Oh…. Yes! I remember! Oh my god. This is amazing!”


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