World’s Best Guide – Park Jin Wan (Fat Boy)


We were very lucky to have the World’s best guide, Park Jin Wan aka Fat Boy to show us around Korea. Tun Ling met Fat Boy 10 years ago during a white water rafting trip in Trisuli River in Nepal. Here are the reasons why he is the World’s best guide:

Do i look like PSY?

He is Park Jin Wan. Does he look like PSY? Taken at Teddy Bear Museum at Jeju Island

  • He had helped us with the travel research for Korea. Weeks or even months before we departed for Korea, Fat Boy had been planning the itinerary in Korea for us. He also helped us made bookings for accommodation in Gangwondo, Jeju Island and Gyeongju. We were so busy with work and preparation for the trip that we had no time to research into Korea. However, Fat Boy often Kakao chat to tell us not to worry, “Korea no study, is ok”. That was a huge stress reliever!
  • He helped us countdown to our departure date to remind us how little time we had left for preparation.
  • He offered to pick us from Incheon Airport even when we were landing close to midnight. It was more than 2 hours drive to the airport from his home.
  • He gave fantastic suggestion for us to stay overnight in Korean sauna instead of hostels or hotels during late arrivals. Staying overnight in sauna which includes washing only cost 8 SGD per person.We did stay in sauna for two nights in Suncheon and Busan. Yi ken and Yi Xi enjoyed it.
  • He was flexible with our schedule. Due to Yi Ken’s eye check, we had to postpone our departure from Seoul for a day. Fat Boy was flexible with our last minute change of schedule and offered us solutions. After Yi Ken’s eye check, we rushed to Seoul Grand Park station with all our luggage. We were struggling with our luggage when Fat Boy appeared. He quickly helped us with our luggage and whisked us into his car as it was cold. He offered us hot steamed potatoes before we set off for High Castle Resort which was 4 hours drive away. After the trip, he told us that he was surprised with the amount of luggage we had when he first picked us up. LOL.
  • He made wise accommodation bookings for us. For the stay at High Castle, we had free fried chicken that came with the resort booking. We made it to the resort at 12.45 am, glad that there was still fried chicken left for us. For the stay at Gangwondo Oak Valley Resort, we had two free adult tickets to Everland. Yi Ken was very happy to have visited Everland.

                                                                Fun at Everland

  • He helped us to look after Yi Ken and Yi Xi so that we can play bumper car in Everland. He was carrying a wailing Yi Xi and Yi Ken was crying as well.
  • He brought us to hidden gems in Korea which were not frequent by tourists.
Dongdae Fish Market

                         Dongdae Fish Market. There is a ferry to Vladisvostok from Dong Hae.

Coastal drive around Gangwondo

                                                  Coastal drive around Gangwondo

Saving Yi ken's shoes from getting wet

                                                        Saving Yi ken’s shoes from getting wet

Visit to Nuclear Waste Museum, a place where no one wants to visit

                            Nuclear Waste Museum, a place where no one wants to visit

beautiful playground outside the nuclear waste museum

                                  beautiful playground outside the nuclear waste museum



  • He is a fast cook. During our travel with him, the second task he did when he woke was to prepare breakfast for us. He had packed his rice cooker, bread toaster, frying pan and kettle along so that we can have home cooked food. As he was so fast in getting ready, he always said that we spent two hours eating, two hours packing and left no time for sight seeing. That was true in the beginning. Thank you for waiting for us.
Fat Boy preparing breakfast and lunch before we set off

Fat Boy preparing breakfast and lunch before we set off

Teaching Yi ken how to cook

                                       Teaching Yi Ken how to cook “ma po tou fu”

  • He provides excellent service. He droves us around for sightseeing, once in the wee hours from Jochiwon to south of Korea to catch the 9 am ferry to Jeju island. To save us from walking, he sent us to train station and picked us up from train station. Sometimes, when we walked far from the car, he would walk back to get the car to pick us from where we were. He waited in his car for us when we trek in Jeju Island Hallasan.
The road trip around Korea in Fat Boy's car

                                          The road trip around Korea in Fat Boy’s car

  • He lets us stay at his home in Jochiwon during our “rest days”. Unlimited wifi and laundry provided. He forbids us to help him with his dishes.
Jochiwon local market

                                                Jochiwon local market

“Choa Chu Kang” style chicken rice and Korean Soon Dae, one of the many meals in Jochiwon

  • He always says, “is ok”.
  • All he asked for was two packets of “Old Town White Coffee” from Singapore which he claimed is world’s best coffee.
Fat Boy sending us off to Jochiwon bus station

                                    Fat Boy sending us off to Jochiwon bus station

Saying goodbye in Jochiwon

                       Saying goodbye to Fat Boy

Thank you Fat Boy for showing us around Korea, we know it was hard work for you to travel with us. Thank you to Fat Boy that we were able to visit the highlights of Korea within a short time seamlessly. Without Fat Boy, it was impossible for us to backpack around Korea with our luggage. Thank you for being the World’s best guide to us. Please come to Singapore if you miss “Choa Chu Kang” style chicken rice. See you in Singapore!


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