Albanian hospitality beyond words

After three very comfortable nights in Shkoder, where we were hosted by our couch surfing host, Frane Kiri, we were ready to cycle further towards Kosovo. The next destination we were heading to is a small town. We could only find one host from couchsurfing and none from Warmshowers. We did not pre book any accommodation on AirBnB either. We would try our luck “knocking on doors” again.

So, we reached Vau Dejes, about 20 km from Shkoder. We did not cycle  too much distance that day as we set off late, at about 2.45 pm. We knew we have to look for a place to stay for the night already as it was getting dark. We could not go further until the next day, as beyond the village will be mountains leading to Komani Lake. So, we cycled out of the town and stopped as there are not many houses if we go further. We saw a couple and their son trying to mount a spotlight in front of their house which was across the road. So, Tun Ling went across the road and approached the house. The lady came down to the gate. Tun Ling asked if she can speak English. She smiled and shook her head. Tun Ling then gestured “sleep” and “one”, the lady gestured “come” and open the gate of her house. Tun Ling was shocked. No words was exchanged, this is Albanian hospitality!

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