Yi Ken is Yi Xi’s No. 1 Bro


Due to bad weather from 20 to 23 Nov 2015, we were unable to continue our journey from Bajram Curri towards Albanian/Kosovo border and onwards to Gjakova, Kosovo. Thankfully, we had found an Albanian Muslim family with 5 children by showing up at their door just before sunset. They have kindly sheltered us from the strong wind and rain for four nights. Their house is located outside the city centre of Bajram Curri. On Sunday morning, their 17 year old son, Lindi was going to drive to Bajram Curri after breakfast, so we asked if he could bring us to the shop to buy some food stuff. Together with their youngest son, Gesi, we hopped on to his jeep to the city. He brought us to the shop and left while we did our shopping. When we were done, Gesi called his brother and about 10 minutes later, his brother came back with another car, an old Mercedes. His friend was also in the car. Apparently, Lindi was driving his friend’s car and we were not sure where he left his jeep.

The four of us and Gesi squeezed in the back of the car and Lindi drove us back home. We were just out of the city when Lindi stopped and got off the car to check on the left back wheel. He asked Gesi to sit on the front passenger seat, on his friend’s lap and tried to drive. However, the car could not move much. Gesi and his friend got off and check as well. Then, Lindi asked us to get off the car and wait for 5 minutes. We thought it was because the back was too heavy. It was raining and we only have one umbrella, so we asked Yi Ken and Yi Xi to stay in the back seat of the car, since it was just 5 minutes. When we got off, we realized that one wheel was punctured. Lindi drove the car back to the city with Yi Ken and Yi Xi inside. The friend of his kept telling us to wait for 5 minutes. So Gesi, the friend and us waited by the side of the road. It was raining and we shared one umbrella. We used Google translator to ask them where was Lindi going. We told his friend we should go and look for them as Yi Xi may cry. His friend kept telling us that they will be back in 5 minutes. So, we waited under the rain and in the cold. We were glad that Yi Ken and Yi Xi need not wait in the cold, but also worried if Yi Xi would cry in the car. We waited for more than 5 minutes but Lindi did not appear. The friend got a call from Lindi and they spoke. We asked the friend if the kids cried, the friend said, “Jo, jo, jo (Yo)” meaning “no, no, no”. We were relieved. We waited for another 5 to 10 minutes in the rain before walking 50 meters back to the petrol kiosk to seek shelter. At the petrol kiosk, the brother called Lindi again. We wondered if Yi Ken and Yi Xi cried this time but his friend said “Jo, jo, jo”, moving his fore finger sideways. We waited for another 5 to 10 minutes before Lindi returned. We waved happily to the approaching car. When Tun Ling opened the door, Yiken and YiXi were sitting quietly in the car. The first word Yi Xi said was “xiao bian”, “pee” in Mandarin. Tun Ling thought that she had pee in her pants but luckily she didn’t. Tun Ling quickly whisked her to pee and hopped on to the car. We asked Yi Ken if Yi Xi cried, Yi Ken said “No”. Yi Ken said Yi Xi told him that she wants to pee and pee is coming out. We asked Yi Ken what did he reply? Yi Ken said he told Yi Xi, “bu yao xiao chu lai, ren zhu”, meaning to hold her pee. We always say that to Yi Xi when she wants to pee and we have not reach the toilet.

For the first time, Yi Ken and Yi Xi were by themselves for a good 25 to 30 minutes. We were worrying if they would cry or quarrel in the car. The worst scenario would be Yi Ken raising his voice at Yi Xi and Yi Xi will wail big time. We were surprised they remained calm and watched out for each other. Thankfully, Yi Xi listened to Yi Ken to hold her pee. We joked to Yi Ken and Yi Xi that they can travel by themselves already.

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