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Riding Cyclette: Phobe is our close friend’s sister and have began her cycling tour in July 2014 and still going. Cycling solo, sometimes with companions, and meeting lots of friends and supports. Follow her as she takes you away on the adventure @

Masanori Nishikawa: Adventure cyclist and primary school teacher, travelling with his bicycle and sharing the “earthride” lesson with his pupils in Japan. Via Skype, he forms the bridge, the eyes, the voices, share the joy of visiting places and connect the locals to his pupils @

Rivers and Deserts: We were fortunate to know these 2 young Finnish boys, Lauri and Antti, when we came to us in Feb 2015. They are showing us what the young hearts are capable of and not get trap in the rat race, but explore the opportunities or simply go for an adventure! @

Road to Nowhere : Iwona and Krzysiek, a Polish couple who rode out from their village in April 2014 and came back in Mar 2015. They rode to Siberia, across Mongolia, into China and then arrived in the South-East Asia, where we met and soaked up lots of inspiration from them. Then the flew to Istanbul to continue their road back home. Something tell us that this is only part one and more road to nowhere to be coming! @


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